Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blackout:3rd Installment of Sophie's Journal

I was thrilled!! This was like my lucky day! Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, and Wizards of Waverly Place all back to back episodes tonight. I had my popcorn in one hand and my other hand with the remote and my fingers drumming, busy clicking channels. "Finally Hannah Montana is on!!," I said to myself. I was not even half way through when all of a sudden.....BAM!!!!! The power shut off like saying, "you are using to much energy! we cut your power off! have you looked at that new book for English?!"

I sighed, blackouts are just party poopers! My mom was busy getting candles and my dad brought them to the living room. But I realized something as well, we had the lights on, computers typing, ipods playing Christmas music in the background, Peter's ds telling him that Princess Peach was in danger and he should use Mario to defeat Bowser, and lastly, the tv that was blaring the "best of both worlds" from the Hannah Montana episode I was watching.

Why do we use so much power? This blackout would not have happen in Washington since we've never had any power outages in since 11 years!This blackout made me think more about the power we use and how we do take it for granted in the United States. Most Zambians live like this, with no light, power, and a stove to cook their food for dinner. But what if one day, there was no power in lets say Washington? Well, you couldn't work on your computers at work and the electronic coffee maker you always use won't work and on your way to work, you will have to stop by McDonalds and get their (yuck) coffee.

Think about it, we do take power as just a normal everyday thing. Maybe we may run out of power some day; people will lose their jobs, you couldn't fix dinner and you will have to go all out with candles, cook over fires, and just go to work come back, have dinner and go to sleep! No entertainment! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating on that old fashioned stuff but just keep in mind this week and throughout Christmas about the power you are using and if you can cut off a bit of power you are using. you could cut off some of the power by:

Turning off the lights when you go out of the room
Read more books than watch TV!
Only use the computer when you have to
Cut down on using the straighteners and curlers for everyday! just only for special occasions!

Pass this entry on to anybody you feel is using tons of power! We need to act now and save the environment while we can! Act now! Don't wait!

By Sophie Kautz

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Don't Just Use Cars....

I didn't know that World Vision Zambia had a boat until I saw it in the parking lot at the National Office (I think it was getting serviced). The Zambezi River gets so deep in the Western Province that a boat is the quickest and most efficient way to transport staff the project area.