Sunday, July 4, 2010

We did a triathlon!!

We did another first: a (super) mini triathlon!! Miyon did an individual one and joined a team with John and Peter; and Sophie was also on a team with her friends.
When I say mini, I mean mini... 800meter swim, 6 km bike, 2km run.
On our team - the "Furious Three" (I was going for "Two Oldsters and Kid"...) finished in 35:40. Sophie's team (she was the biker with her friends Ava and Tino) called "The Macaroonies" finished in 36:32. And I finished my individual in 36:20 which put me in fourth place overall, and 2nd place women (the first place woman was a 14 year old!). We had so much fun and we're definitely in to better our times next year!
With our medals. I got a trophy for finishing first in the women's 40+ category!

After finishing the race - tired but really excited to know I finished - and kept ahead of the other ladies in my heat!! Ironically, we were on vacation at Lake Malawi the week prior to the race and I broke/strained my big toe and was afraid I wouldn't be able to do the race.

My friend, Jamo, who was the one who convinced me to do the race. This was also her first time to do the individual race.

Peter waiting for the hand off from John (who is riding up the driveway).

John running the last few feet with Peter.
You may be wondering where the photos are of Sophie...because the heats are leaving and returning at all different times, we weren't able to capture her, but next year she'll be featured!