Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bathrooms - which one to choose?

For some reason this struck me as funny... I was at a government school and needed to use the pit latrine. I found there were three choices:
- Girls Lower
- Girls Upper
- Ladies
I chose "Ladies" because I figured it had the least use!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

John's Workshop

John took the camera to his work one day so we can show you some of the guys he's working with - and what they're making.

Organizing a new shipment of rosewood.

Our most skilled worker Sylvester

Emanuel straightening a piece of teak on the jointer

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Banda preparing a board for gluing.

Simon and Harrison assembling a kitchen cabinet.

John Dindy installing hardware for a set of kitchen drawwers.

Sylvester, Banda, and John.

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Sylvester installing pullout shelves.

Sylvester and Emanuel cleaning up. They sell the wood shavings to horse owners who use it to put in the bottoms of their horse stalls - recyling at work.

At a recent show (the Diplomatic Spouses Luncheon), John gets surrounded by a group of chefs admirinig their rosewood butcher block table.

The First Lady of Zambia stopped by the booth to admire the handiwork. Scott, John's partner and Peter are in the front.


Everyday life!

It's almost getting too cold to get into the pool - but Sophie is enjoying one of the last few warm days. Winter here generally starts in June-ish, but the mornings and evenings are getting chilly (which means we have to throw on a jacket or sweatshirt!).

Peter and the brothers find ways to entertain themselves on a regular basis. It's amazing what a little creativity - and plants - can make! Here Peter is with Billy (11) and Mutale (14).

It's getting cold enough that our mutantly large poinsettias are in full bloom - beautiful.